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Introduction to The Publishing Profile

The Publishing Profile is a new blog that gives insight into what publishers are currently reading. By diving into their bookshelves, we broadcast the diverse reading interests of people who work in publishing, from crime fiction to poetry and so much more.

After speaking to many wonderful aspiring publishers, we found that we all had questions about what people in the industry were reading, both for and outside of their job. We have made it our aim to interview publishers who work throughout the industry: in editorial, sales, events, production, design, audio, and more. We have met some brilliant people who work in independent publishing houses, as well as the Big Five, and we can't wait to share these profiles with you.

​This blog is run by Verity Stuart, a student and aspiring publisher. You can follow her on Twitter here.

If you want to be featured on The Publishing Profile you can contact us at 

What questions do YOU have for people working in the publishing industry? We want to know! Follow us on Twitter:


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